Avalon II Video Slot - Get 8 Bonus Rounds and a History Lesson

The Avalon II Video Slot is presented by Tivoli Casino, developed by Microgaming Quickfire and made particularly attractive through bonuses from Spins247.com

But in addition to boosting bonuses, what makes Avalon II an attractive slot machine to play at? The answer lies within the combination of a progressive gameplay storyline where you climb a ladder of eight different bonus rounds. It does not hurt either that you can enjoy a history lesson while seeking the Holy Grail, although the Avalon II video slot is built around the fictional legend of King Arthur and his sword the Excalibur.

Avalon is the name of the legendary island where the stories of King Arthur took place, and also the name of the original slot machine from Microgaming. Avalon is Welsh and is said to mean ‘apple’, and Avalon II is obviously a sequel. The main improvement in this newer slot machine is clearly the development of the bonus rounds.

You would have to try it for yourself to fully grasp the depths of the bonus features of the Avalon II video slot at Tivoli Casino, but at Spins247.com we are happy to let a short introduction of the bonus rounds accompany our market leading monetary bonuses:

Three or more Holy Grail symbols scattered on the five reels will launch the bonus game journey where your ultimate aim is to retrieve the Grail to Avalon. The journey includes eight bonus games, and at one point you will have to choose one of two paths.

Ask me the questions, bridgekeeper. I am not afraid.