The best online casinos in 2016

One might claim that the search for good casino and slot machine sites is like blindfoldedly hitting a piƱata: the outcome is random, and you never know what eventually will fall from the sky.

This is partially true if you are talking about what you will win, as you can expect the unexpected from jackpots and winnings from casino games and online slot machines, but it could not be further from the truth if you are talking about which casino and slot machine site to choose.

Choices are in abundance, and it might seem overwhelming to make a choice between online casinos and slot machine sites which look similar at first glance. Luckily for you, has been in the industry for more than a decade, and we know exactly how to distuingish the trustworthy online casinos from the dodgy online casinos, the best bonuses from the ones that are too good to be true, and the online slot machine sites with the most innovative and rewarding games from online slot machine sites that have not done their homework when choosing their slot machine game providers.

In the opinion of, an online casino site is a bit like a supermarket, the best ones understand the three keys of success which are

  1. To offer the best products on the market,
  2. To give good free spins offers to bring people in, and;
  3. To make it easy for them to stay by rewarding their loyalty.

Online Casino


Cherry Casino ticks all three boxes comfortably, and is the online casino and slot machine site with our best recommendation so far, mainly due to their generous nature of giving away free spins and deposit bonuses, their astonishing game portfolio, and their exceptional treatment of VIP players.

The concept of Tivoli Casino is based around Tivoli Gardens which is a stunning theme park in Copenhagen. In addition to free spins and deposit bonuses, Tivoli Casino offers free entrance to Tivoli for new depositing customers.