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Online Slot machines are a big hit among the many casino players and it’s no coincidence. The progressive jackpot pools are constantly setting new records, giving you the chance to become a multi-millionaire with prize pools of up to 12 million euros on a single spin!

Record-breaking jackpots: In recent years, many online slot machines have paid record jackpots to lucky players. In 2011 a Norwegian won €11.7 million at Betsson and in 2013 a lucky Swede won €7.6 million at Unibet Casino - and the list grows every month and year.

All the online casinos that use the same software / casino platform contribute to the common jackpot pools. This means for example that when people play on a progressive slot machine like Mega Moolah at Spin Palace Casino, part of the money goes into a jackpot pool which can also be won at the same slot machine on Roxy Palace.

When several online casinos contribute to the jackpot pools, the jackpots grows faster and faster, and breaks the record again and again.

It is the same principle that applies in Las Vegas where all the Wheel of Fortune machines in various casinos are connected and contribute to the common progressive jackpot.


  • Decide how much you can afford to lose before you play online slots.
  • Take breaks from your slot machine game.
  • Always play the maximum number of coins on progressive slots.
  • Remember that the outcome of each spin of a slot machine is completely random.
  • Every spin gives you the same chance to win, even if the slot just paid out a jackpot!

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The history of slot machines

The history of slot machines | Liberty Bell Slot

The history of slot machines has more than 100 years. The first slot machine appeared in the late 1800’s and it consisted in 3 reels and 20 symbols. Since then, slot machines have known a lot of transformations: the mechanical machines were replaced with electronic ones, and then video slot machines started to gain reputation. At the beginning of the 20th century a large movement manifested against gambling and the activity of casinos was prohibited for a while by law. Despite the hard times, the gambling industry survived and it benefits nowadays from technology to develop new concepts and new services.

Manufacturers’ interest in developing new types of machines is justified by the slot machines’ popularity among players. ‘Liberty Bell’, the first slot machine invented had great success in America. Nowadays, slot machines are the most common and the most popular in casinos since they bring the highest profit.

The popularity of slot machines can be explained having in mind their characteristics: they are easy to play and they do not necessarily require special skill or knowledge; there is no interaction with other players (and no pressure from the crowd around you), there is low risk that someone cheats, and maybe most important – you receive your payout on the spot because it concerns the money that are deposited in the machine.

Slot machines function under simple rules: you introduce a coin into the slot, you select the number of coins you want to bet and then you press the spin button or pull the slots machine’s arm so the reels would spin. Your win is determined by the combination of symbols that appears on the monitor. The modern technology allows you to use debit cards or paper tickets (ticket-in ticket-out machines), instead of the regular coins.

There is a wide variety of slots machines in the world, having different rules, using various symbols and designs, having more or less reels (3, 5 reels) and so on. A basic difference concerns the jackpot and it is represented by straight slots and progressive slots. In the case of straight slots jackpot, the amount of money which you can win does not change; when the player comes to a winning combination, the slot machine resets and the game continues at the same stake, no matter the money that are deposited in the slot machine. These are usually the standard slot machines, with 3 reels and one pay line. The progressive slots offer you the chance to win the money that is available in the machine; in other words, the progressive jackpot increases with every player’s bet. The winning may consist in money or you have the option of using them as credits for extra spins.

The chance to win a big jackpot in slot machines is today bigger if you get to use a machine that is linked to other slots machines, in which case the jackpot is the money from the whole group of slot machines.

When we talk of slot machines, there are at least two types we can mention: the video slot machine and the reel slot machine. When you play the reel slot machine, your chance to win the big jackpot are higher if you play the maximum number of coins (which means 3, 4 even 5 coins per spin) especially for the progressive slots. For example: Buy-a-Pay machines link the payout with the number of coins you bet: the winning combinations are the cherries, the bars and the sevens. To receive the jackpot for the sevens, you must have bet 3 coins (not one and not two coins, but three), otherwise you get nothing. Video slot machines do not necessarily consider the connection between the coins you bet and the payout. Video slot machines have 9 pay lines and 3 or 5 reels most of the times. As a particular type of gambling machine we can mention multiplier slots: a specific symbol will bring you the win and this will be multiplied by the number of coins played.

Some information you may use when choosing the slot machine to play is available on the pay table: slot machines that show more combinations for smaller payouts will offer them more frequently than the machines with less winning combinations, but larger wins. The payback is also shown on the pay table: this represents the percentage from the money bet that the casino will pay to the winner (In UK for instance, slots machines in pubs will not pay more than 70-75% of the money bet, while in a casino the percentage can get up to 98%).

However, not only the jackpot and the hit frequency are important in playing slots machines. This gambling experience is more about entertainment than money. In order to enjoy such an experience, you should look for themed- games, which use interesting and funny symbols (taken from movies, legends, history or real life- Cleopatra and her times, the Addams family, fruits and others), really good graphics and stimulating music.

In other words, when you feel like having fun in a noisy and attractive way, slot machines are a good solution. Take some money with you and your good mood and look for the nearest place with slot machines.