With tablet – and smartphone processors undergoing serious protein diets the latest year, playing mobile slots, roulette and Black Jack has become a pure joy. But where to start, what to play and where to go if you are the proud owner of a Samsung, iPhone, iPad or other smartphones or tablets?

Samsung, Sony Ericson & HTC phones

Your smartphone gives you access to more and more amazing casino and poker experiences.

Mobile casinos are not only for worshippers of Steve Jobs’ partly devoured Apple.

Goodbye the only for IOS users only tag

Owners of Samsung, Sony Ericson and HTC phones have all experienced the annoying moments when discovering that the hottest mobile trends in town is only available as an app in the apple store. And, when the same app eventually becomes available for other phones, the trend has already faded. We saw it with 2012’s Wordfeud, who attracted quite a religious following and made its inventor, Norwegian, Haakon Bertheussen a very wealthy man.

We have taken a look at what quality casino sites out there that offers good quality options for Android phone users.

Android vs. IOS

Earlier a lot of app developers deliberately refrained from developing apps for other platforms than Apple’s IOS platforms, as it was too big a mouthful and too costly.

With an increasingly diverging smartphone market and appearing tendencies of especially younger customer segments moving away from Apples brand umbrella, things seem to lighten up.

Sure, you can use your phone to play casino with our site, want to bet?

Especially when it comes to online casinos, things are starting to look a whole lot brighter for us users of smartphones that are less popular, but a whole lot better (and cheaper), than those rolling off the assembly lines in Apple’s Chinese sweat shops.

Most casino and poker sites has adapted, if not all, then a lot of their content, so that it can be accessed and used by mobile users on their smartphones and tablet computers.

Awards 2014 for best online casino for android phones goes to…

Recently Spin PalaceCasino was awarded best online android casino of 2014 by CardsChat with casino sites such as Mr Green in the top 5.

The fact alone, that websites are taking the time to create top 5’s over the best mobile casinos for androids proves that there is a growing market for these services, which benefits us owners of a Samsung, Sony Ericson or HTC smartphone.

Mobile Casinos for iPhones and iPads

The days of online casinos’ iPhone/iPad platforms letting you suffer with watered down versions of their conventional games on their websites are long gone.

With the number of tablets and smartphones by far exceeding the amount of PC’s AND laptops being sold in the world, things have improved significantly for online casino customers playing through mobile devices like for example an iPhone or an iPad. But which casino sites offers the best entertainment on your iPhone or iPad?

Shift of focus

Where you earlier had to settle for watered down versions of the traditional online casino games when playing on your iPhone or Ipad, you now play versions that have been nurtured into shapes that gives you gaming experiences that easily matches and often beats the games on the conventional online platforms accessed through your PC or laptop.

Great casino platforms for iPad and iPhone

We all use our smart phones everyday for traditional communications purposes as well as our social media activities. But smart phones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad rewards its owners with great opportunities to spend time with their hobby when and wherever they feel like.

Some gaming experts even claim it has been good for the interface quality of the games, that the programmers and designers have had to tone down the effects and graphics in the game to match them with the smaller screens and processors of smartphones and tablets. After all, we all know from Danish and Japanese interior design, that minimalism really brings out the beauty in things.

Stamp of approval to most and thumbs up to a few

While most of the online casinos we have taken a look at for compatibility with Apple’s’ iPhone or iPad have stepped their game up, a few have actually taken some noteworthy steps that proves that they take their mobile users serious.

Mr Green is one of the sites that early on smelled the coffee and adapted their content to smartphones and tablets: where it earlier could be a stressful tunnel vision-like nightmare to maneuver through a hectic session of poker on say, your iPhone, due to the small screen, it is now a pure joy to sit on the bus on the way to work playing a few hands.

Same development has been detected with InterCasino, who has taken a more than decent approach towards welcoming iPad and iPhone users into their realm. Other noteworthy gambling portals for fans of handheld products from the hands of late Steve Jobs include: CasinoEuro and Spin Palace Casino.


Go Monte Carlo Casino on your Android SmartPhone

Mobile casinos offer plenty of game options when in the mood for something that smells like tuxedos, dry martinis and spinning wheels.

Shake it, do NOT stir it, and let us get started. Are you the proud owner of an Android Phone? Say, a Samsung Galaxy S4, a Sony Ericsson or the latest HTC?

If you are, you might want to continue reading, as we are namedropping some of the best casino games available at an URL near you. We have been spending most of the late hours checking out what is hot and what is not, and have now, with dark rings around our eyes, combined the results into a nice little top 3 overview of what we think are the best casino app games for Androids out on the shelves in cyberspace.

Journey along with us:


1. Poker at Intercasino

We refuse to opt for only one of Intercasino’s poker games. What we like about Intercasino is that all their poker games; from their Texas Hold’em to their 5 Card draw is a pure joy to get involved in. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced player the poker games adapted to mobile users will surely keep you entertained and hopefully enlarge your bankroll as well

2. Twin Spin From CasinoEuro

This is one of the newcomers to CasinoEuro’s row of entertaining slots games. Graphics and gameplay is simple, yet entertaining to a degree where you might miss your stop if you sit on the bus. Dare we add that the color symbols are really funky and soothing to the eye.

3. Black Jack at Spin Palace Casino

Sitting somewhere on your way to somewhere with the itch for some Black Jack?

Then Spin Palace’s Blackjack could very well be the game for you. The classic casino game is presented in a simple, yet elegant classic way, and the game gives you plenty of opportunity to either keep in shape, or step your game up, while waiting on the bus, or killing time, while Uncle Jack is giving one of his notoriously long speeches at Grandma’s 90th birthday.


Play mobile casino games on Amazons Kindle Fire

The latest tablet from, Kindle Fire is only half the price of its Apple competitor, but rewards you with just as good gaming experiences when playing at online casinos.

At some points, when we tested the Kindle Fire at online casinos, it even beat the iPad.

E-reader gets funkier

The secret hipster tablet brand from E-commerce giant was originally intended for the segment consisting of book devouring nerds only. And, for many years Kindle has been the world’s number one E-reader. Winds of change over the Amazonas however, have brought additional add-ons to the strong brand. Samsung and Apple’s tablets are now seeing throwing competition their way in the shape of the E-commerce company’s latest tablet, The Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire stands out especially when it comes to the price. The tablet is significantly cheaper than its competitors. With our experiences with earlier Kindle tablets, we had our doubts however, whether the Kindle Fire would be able to deliver proper quality, interactive gambling experiences in cyberspace.

Unreasonable doubt

We tested the Kindle Fire on the following 5 gambling portals:

Flash uploads quickly and the tablets Silk browser learn gradually along the way about the sites you visit and stores the acquired data on Amazons server. This means you will experience faster uploads the more often you visit the same gambling sites.

The gaming experience was smooth, consistent and pleasant on all the sites we visited with Kindle Fire. The tablet itself reacted promptly on finger commands and for gaming on online casino sites, we give the tablet our stamp of approval.

Kindle Fire is the cheapest solution

Kindle Fire won on price and was fully compatible with competing tablets from Samsung and Apple. Question is for how long. With iPad Air lurking around, Kindle Fire might see competition take the lead

again, we still see, however, plenty of reasons to opt for the cheaper yet fully usable Kindle Fire.

Casino games can easily be played on the tablet, and the gaming experience is at least as good as on an Apple or Samsung tablet. At the same time, you get great access to Amazon’s world of books, movies and shopping experiences.

On top of that, it is a beautifully designed and durable tablet, which has already started gaining recognition and making a name for itself.


Mobile Gambling: Sport betting & Casino

Convenience, flexibility and the ability to play literally from anywhere makes mobile gambling so much more fun than when doing it on P(re-historic)C’s.

Stop messing about on Facebook, Twitter and line. Get a life and use your smartphone or tablet for better and sounder purposes. That is the mantra that has started to ooze to the surface almost everywhere you look. And we cannot agree more. Why click like several times on someone’s social media post, when you can click bet, hold, call, pass and pay-out instead.

Have you ever sat on the morning bus balancing your notebook on your lap, while trying to scramble for a Wi-Fi connection, so you can play a little poker while struggling and bustling to get to work?

Most likely not, and why would you go through such hassle half awake, on a crowded bus during the ungodly morning hours? But if you are on the move and have the itch for a good game of poker or a quick spin of slots good news is here. In our progressive and enlightened times, chances are you never will have to force yourself through a nightmare scenario as the one above again.

It is in your pocket, and you frequently use it for checking up on your social media activities, checking sports results and to have long distance conversations with your boss, girl friend or whoever needs to hear your soothing and comforting voice.

Smatphones as Homer Simpson would spell them, will make going to – and from work, something you long for. Well, any scenario, where you can hold it in your hand, your smartphone, silly, will be occasions you proactively seek out.

Even when you are out hiking in the woods you can now pull out your Samsung phone go to Mr Green and place a few sports bets, and play a few rounds on the one armed, while your friends are trying to find the least wet passage across the river.

Or better yet. While your douchebag friend is getting all the attention from the girls at the campfire, just because he knows how to play acoustic guitar versions of Justin Bieber and One Direction, you can honestly tell yourself you do not care, as you are busy frying marshmallows and playing an intense Texas Hold’em game on InterCasino!

So, if you until now have been hesitant to move out of your conservative comfort zone in front of your PC or notebook, it is time for you to wake up and smell the burning print plates, call the doctor and get a prescription for a tablet – or a smartphone.

Most casino and poker sites have seen where you are about to go and have already launched various mobile apps that enable you to use your phone or tablet to play on.

Check sites like Mr Green and CasinoEuro if you do not believe the writing on the screen.


Mobile BlackJack: Free & Real Money Games

In urban areas mobile Black Jackers don’t have to worry about bad or slow connectivity as the 3g and 4g networks have made gambling via phone or tablets sweeter than syrup.

Veteran online gamblers all have stories up their sleeves about sitting with diamond crusted hands only to see a poor internet connection kick them temporarily out of the game right before they were to reap the benefits of a magic card combination.

These anecdotes surely have made many a Black Jack player think twice about venturing into a real money game on his smartphone while being on the move across the city.

Internet quality paves the way for magic black jack moments

Here is the good news. With the Internet connectivity having reached unbelievable heights of stability, especially in urban areas, these anecdotes have turned into urban legends, myths that hold no truth to them.

This can also be seen in the number of online casinos offering Blackjack to their mobile users. And Blackjack is the perfect mobile casino game for smaller devices. Its set up fits perfectly to the smaller screens of smartphones and thus makes it easy for casinos and its programmers to adapt their traditional online versions to the slimmed down mobile versions.

Can my phone play Black Jack?

Unless you have an iPhone you have probably encountered numerous times, that chance of you not being able to use your smartphone for gambling might occur, because the technology has not yet been developed with your phones system in mind.

But times are changing, and today, unless you have a Blackberry or a windows phone, chances are, no matter the Blackjack game; that you will be able to play it. 

Which mobile Blackjack game to play

Mobile Casino Experts are beyond doubt when they list Microgamings Black Jack €2-80 and Net Entertainments Blackjack as their candidates for best mobile Black Jack game.

What makes Black Jack €2-80 so great, according to Mobile Casino Experts is that you get simplicity, good game speed and the chance of playing HIGH stake games.

Net Entertainments Black Jack is being praised for being a one hand game, its simplicity, speed and like Blackjack €2-80, it provides you with options for getting into some serious high stakes gaming, although the stakes can be pushed harder in Black Jack €2-80.

Both games can be played at CasinoEuro.


Play Mobile Slots Games For Free

The days are over where good mobile slots games were difficult to come by.

With our 4g Internet subscriptions and smartphones and tablets at hand, killing time while waiting for that connecting flight is no longer the nightmare it used to be.

And while waiting on that plane, why not mess around playing slots machines online on your phone, and potentially make it for life by hitting the jackpot? Or just Play for fun!

It is not impossible. Last year, a lucky Dane hit a jackpot of 120,000 Euros when playing Mega Moolah Slots on his smartphone. It could be you.

Mobile slots games that make your fingers swipe in excitement

You usually do not find as many slots games for mobile devices as you do on Internet casinos main website. But while the mobile slot games offered once were half hearted attempts to catch people on the move, most online casinos are now putting serious work behind their mobile slot games. New players are welcomed to the mobile casinos with free spins.

It is a jungle out there, so we have done you the favor of taking on the role of Dr. Livingstone and explored the wilderness for mobile slot games that rock.

Two games hit all platforms

Mega Moolah and Thunderstruck are two of the most highly praised mobile slot games around. The two games are available on IOS, Android, Windows and even Blackberry platforms and as we mentioned earlier, it was on a Mega Moolah slot machine a Danish player in 2013 took home a 120,000 Euro Jackpot while messing about on his phone.

Where to find the mobile slots games

A lot of mobile casinos offer Mega Moolah and Thunderstruck as part of their game portfolio. We cannot list all casinos offering these two amazing slot games, but we can point you in the right direction.

Internet casinos such as Tivoli Casino and Roxy Palace Casino have included Mega Moolah and Thunderstruck in their offer to the users of their mobile casinos.

Keep yourself updated

Mega Moolah and Thunderstruck are not the only slots games out there. We just chose them because we, and many casino bloggers find these two slots games to be the best mobile slots available at the moment. But with new great slots games constantly seeing the light of day, we suggest you keep your eyes open, by checking out blogs and news sites about mobile casinos.

You do not want to miss out on the next great slot do you? Especially not since most new slots games come with great introduction bonuses and rewards. 


Mobile Roulette For SmartPhones

For various reasons, not all people can download mobile roulette apps on their smartphone, but there are still ways to bet everything on red on your mobile device. And play for free!

Most Internet casinos nowadays have sites specifically catering to mobile players, and you can therefore now play through your phone directly on their site instead of having to install an app for the purpose on your phone. New players are welcomed to the mobile casinos with a no deposit bonus in most cases. Try for yourself.

This is a great development, as not all smartphones can run the various casino apps available. If you are the (un)lucky owner of a windows or even worse, a Blackberry phone, you are most likely to get quite frustrated when browsing for apps, enabling you to play roulette on your smartphone.

But does it really work, and does it affect the speed and quality of the game? We have tested playing roulette directly in the browser on three mobile casinos from our smartphone, and here are the results:

Spin Palace Casino

This veteran mobile casino uses Microgaming’s well tested and top reviewed mobile Single Zero roulette software, and it shows. Spin Palace offer spectacular roulette adventures for all phones running on IOS, Android and Windows platforms. Only Blackberry is left out in the cold. This is an O.G of online casinos and it is easy to see why. Things work, and they really put in an effort to ensure that their users are entertained.


Mobile roulette is only offered to smartphones and tablets running on either the IOS or Android platform and that is a shame for people with Blackberry’s or windows phones.

EuroCasino is one of Europe’s most popular online casinos and we feel a little disappointed, that they have not done more to reach out to all mobile casino players, by making their products available to more than just Android phones and Apple fans. That being said, their mobile casino rocks. Why? Well, they have chosen to use Net Entertainments software for their mobile roulette and that is not a bad idea at all.


Mobile Casino Software and Compatible Games

No matter how flashy and glittery a game might look, the wrong software might make it run terribly on your mobile.

Behind every great game there is a great piece of software.

There are games that work better than others on your phone or tablet. Why? The answer lies in the software. No online casino in the world has the time and money to hire programmers to develop their own games.

Instead the online casinos buy the game software from a provider. The only thing that separates many games from each other are therefore the graphic designs of their games. 

Which games are compatible?

Online casinos and gambling apps are using various gaming software providers for their games and for the demanding customer it can pay to choose the game with the software that matches your device closest. 

Therefore always check if a casino game can run on your phone or tablet. There are plenty of places online, where you can see lists and reviews of games that are compatible to your phone or tablet.

After all, you do not want to see the climax of your online poker career end in shambles because you play on unreliable software. Now do not get panicky! Generally the gaming software out there is working fine, but like with cars, some engines just spin nicer.

Six reliable providers

You can avoid seeing the climax of your online poker career hit the bummer moment, due to unreliable game software, if you, before you start getting too attached to a game, check out the software that forms the engine room behind the game.

Basically there are a few casino game software providers out there that have earned so much credibility, that their name alone is enough to ensure, that the casino game you are looking at will run smoothly and not put a syntax error stamp across your bankroll.

Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, Rival, Wagerworks and Vegas Technology are the chosen few, and if the casino games you are looking at are run by software from one of these, you should be all right. These days it seems that most online mobile games are using either Microgaming or Playtech software.


The Best Mobile Casinos  

To those feeling like they are drowning in choices, we suggest three casinos that will rock your smartphone.

Eenie meenie miny mo, to which mobile casino should I go? Online casinos come a dime-a dozen these days, and it can be difficult to distinguish between crap and craps these days. To add more confusion to the matter, some of the better online casinos, might not be completely up there, when it comes to providing good quality entertainment and services for their mobile casino users. 

The top three of can’t go wrong mobile casinos 

We have therefore sat down and compiled a top three of mobile casinos that you can’t go wrong with. Now there might be better options out there with flashier graphics and out of this world promotions, but we cannot guarantee that they provide the same package of security, game quality and fun as the ones we have chosen to list here do:

Spin Palace Casino

Many casinoportals praises this online casino that has been around since 2001. We agree, and add that despite the graphics being a little busy for the small screens of a smart phone, Spin Palace is still one of our favorite mobile casinos to visit.


Proudly boasting of its compatibility with IOS and Android systems, CasinoEuro is telling the world that they take their mobile casino users serious. But is there any proof in the pudding? Yes, the pudding is deliciously loaded with fast, beautiful graphics accompanying great gameplays delivered mostly by Microgaming software.

Bonuses with a capital B

On top of all the technical specs, all three mobile casinos operate with impressive bonuses and plenty of variety in offered games.