Thunderstruck II Slot Machine - A Wild Storm of Free Spins

Viking warriors were not particularly pleasant people, far from it. Yet they are usually described in positive terms around the world, a bit like the pirates, and most Nordic people are proud about their Viking descendance. Considering the brutality and viciousness of the vikings this may strike as somewhat strange, so what is the reason for the popularity of the viking culture?

Clearly it is closely related to the intriguing Northern mythology and its spellbinding characters, which most of the Western world has been exposed to through books, cartoons and movies. Now, from the centre of the Viking homeland, in the high court of Danish amusement, comes another channel where stories of Vikings are told: through the Thunderstruck II slot machine which is presented by Tivoli Casino, given maximum bonuses by, and developed by Microgaming.

The Thunderstruck II slot machine has 5 reels and 243 ways to win. It is a sequel to the Thunderstruck I slot machine which was released by Microgaming in 2003. Since then, Microgaming have evolved through the age of technology, so Thunderstruck II is offered in full HD with a soundtrack worthy of the epic saga told about Odin - Ruler of Asgard, Thor with the Hammer, Valkyrie - the maiden of Valhalla, Loki - the cheekiest man in the Thunderstruck universe, and black ravens Huginn and Muninn.

All the characters offer some beautifully illustrated way of increasing your winnings and your winning chances, in the form of Free Spins, Wilds, Wild Multipliers, Rolling Reels and last but not least, the Wild Storm.

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