Twin Spin Video Slot - Which are the most retro symbols at Tivoli Casino?

At we have always wanted to establish which slot machine symbols are more retro. With the Twin Spin video slot developed by Net Entertainment and presented by Tivoli Casino we are closer to the answer than ever, as they introduce a slot machine with all of the slot machine classics.

So let’s get to it. Which slot machine symbol is more retro, and what do the symbols pay?

Number 1: The Red 7. When you see three or five Red 7s in a row, what do you think of? Exactly. JACKPOT. Five Red 7s in Twin Spin gives a win of 500 x the bet amount.

Number 2: The Cherry. We are not sure what is more appealing, the red colour or the fact that it is edible, but the Double Cherry has been a symbol that says KA-CHING since the early days of the slot machines. Five Cherries in Twin Spin gives you 250 x your payline stake.

Number 3: The Square Bar. You always win with a Bar, no matter if it serves cold drinks or appears on the five reels of a slot machine. With the Twin Spin video slot at Tivoli Casino, five Bars pay 400 x.

Number 4: The Diamond. Few things are more precious than Diamonds, and at Tivoli Casino five Diamonds at Twin Spin gives you a whopping 1000 x return of winning the payline investment.

Number 5: The Wild. The Wild symbol comes in many shapes and sizes, but the effect is usually the same, no matter if it looks like a joker or a fictional character or, as on Tivoli’s Twin Spin, a square with the text Wild: A Wild is a substitute for any other symbol, which is always a good thing.

Take me to the past, where the good times would last!